Intersymmetric Sequencer 1 is an online multiplayer drum machine that uses shared interfaces, pattern generation and sound synthesis to enable groups of people to play together in real time.

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Modern Institute - 13 August 7pm BST

Ewa Justka - 19 August 7pm BST

Beatrice Dillon - 24 August 7pm BST

Errorsmith - 2 September 7pm BST

Nyege Nyege - TBA

More artists TBC

When you join a session you will be able to hear, watch and also take part in the performance. Please be aware that any changes you make will be heard by everyone else, so interact considerately, and give room for others to work together.
There is no entry fee for the performances. Please consider making a donation to Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance, a charity we support.

Mark Fell and Rian Treanor

Programming by James Bradbury

Graphic Design by Joe Gilmore

Commissioned by No Bounds 2021